Climate Crisis Action Group of Cape Ann

Vision, Policy & Legislation


  1. We will complete a draft Vision Statement for our Vision, Policy and Legislature workgroup of the climate crisis action planning group, The first version of the Vision will be complete by the end of March, 2020.  
  2. We will complete a draft Climate Action Plan planning process by the end of June, 2020, connecting municipalities of Cape Ann, and other interested parties. We will use the Massachusetts Climate Action Process (MCAN) guidelines (see website).


  1. Marcia Hart has submitted some good work on legislative lobbying best practices and examples of groups that have been successful (Elder Climate Action; Mass Creative; Mothers Out Front). MH has identified pending MA Climate legislation.
  2. With input from Jim Gardner, Sam Cleaves, Greg Federspiel, and others, the group is identifying a significant gap between the knowledge, plans, and coordination of our Cape Ann municipalities and that of MA state agencies and legislature, and with each other.
  3. Karen Bell is suggesting a series of best practice steps, based on her public health background background, to detail the knowledge gap and address it.
  4. We are in a good dialog on focusing our attention on Cape Ann, while realizing that regional, state, nation and international decisions will very important to determining the severity of the climate crisis.  Valerie Nelson’s experience is that our local plans will attract interest and influence beyond Cape Ann because of their innovation and comprehensiveness. 
  5. Sam Silverman is interested in learning more from communities nationally and internationally that have already succeeded in getting to Net Zero Carbon.
  6. Jayne Knott has sent us a comprehensive report that the State of NH has made on their coastal communities.  We will explore how MA can learn from NH on this level of regional planning?
  7. We will communicate with each other, and with other work groups through storing our documents and messages in a Google Drive type location. TBD
  8. We anticipate a regular monthly meeting or our full work group and another monthly meeting of the subgroups we will identify.

Get involved

In the wake of the Cape Ann Climate Crisis Action Meeting, the OC planned a fellow up meeting.  The follow up meeting took place in the vestry at  the Gloucester UU Church. As a result of this October 23rd, 2019 follow up meeting, there are now 6 Working Groups of individuals and the representatives of various organizations from around Cape Ann focused on setting goals and taking action on:

  • Renewables
  • Efficiency
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Vision/Policy/Legislation
  • Communication/Spirituality/Personal Action
  • Community Building/Education