Cape Ann Climate Coalition

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

27 Feb 2020 Update

Green Carbon (land biomass) 

  • Rockport Selectmen considering our tree policy favorably
  • Coordinating policy with Manchester advocates
  • Will bring results to Gloucester tree warden

Blue Carbon (ocean biomass)

  • Recognize potential for marsh and ocean sequestration
  • Will propose moorings that do not scour eel grass

White Carbon (plastic waste)

  • Some shrink-wrap for boats gets incinerated instead of recycled
  • Identified appropriate local recyclers and notified municipalities


  • Want to publicly demonstrate past and future high-water events
  • Will propose marks on prominent poles or buildings

Preliminary Goals

  1. Increase tree planting by 25% in two years.
  2. Identify most efficient targets for reduction of waste.
  3. Get Department of Environmental Affairs to release the $2m.

Action Items

  1. Promote and pass the Tree Protection Policy in Rockport.
  2. What is Gloucester’s tree budget and do they have a Tree Warden?
  3. Find someone to represent Essex in our group.
  4. Promote and pass the Tree Protection Policy in Manchester.
  5. Schedule next group meeting after 12 December big meeting.

Meeting Dates

This group met on November 20th.

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