Climate Crisis Action Group of Cape Ann

Carbon Sequestration

Preliminary Goals

  1. Increase tree planting by 25% in two years.
  2. Identify most efficient targets for reduction of waste.
  3. Get Department of Environmental Affairs to release the $2m.

Action Items

  1. Promote and pass the Tree Protection Policy in Rockport.
  2. What is Gloucester’s tree budget and do they have a Tree Warden?
  3. Find someone to represent Essex in our group.
  4. Promote and pass the Tree Protection Policy in Manchester.
  5. Schedule next group meeting after 12 December big meeting.

Meeting Dates

This group met on November 20th.

Get involved

In the wake of the Cape Ann Climate Crisis Action Meeting, the OC planned a fellow up meeting.  The follow up meeting took place in the vestry at  the Gloucester UU Church. As a result of this October 23rd, 2019 follow up meeting, there are now 6 Working Groups of individuals and the representatives of various organizations from around Cape Ann focused on setting goals and taking action on:

  • Renewables
  • Efficiency
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Vision/Policy/Legislation
  • Communication/Spirituality/Personal Action
  • Community Building/Education