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Maureen Aylward, Director

Maureen Aylward, Director

Maureen Aylward is the Director of TownGreen, Inc. Previously, Ms. Aylward was the founder and director of MUZOT Creative, a project management firm that works with nonprofits, creative agencies, and small business owners. As Program Manager for The Folly Cove Intensive, a week-long journey for small business owners focused on supporting and enhancing the entrepreneurial experience, Maureen focused on connecting low-resource entrepreneurs with organizations that can support them. As General Manager of 1623 Studios, Maureen managed the operations and communications for the community access media studio. Ms. Aylward was an adjunct professor of business communications and sustainability at Endicott College and taught business sustainability online courses on climate change and leadership in the Executive MBA program at Northeastern University. Maureen received her MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability from Antioch University New England and a BA in English Literature and Art History from Salem State College. She is a board member of North Shore Community Health, a community health center that serves low-income residents in Salem, Peabody, and Gloucester, MA.

TownGreen Board of Directors

Dick Prouty, Board Chair

Dick Prouty, Board Chair

Dick Prouty founded TownGreen in 2015 as a project of the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation. He was the Executive Director of Project Adventure (PA), an international non-profit based in Beverly, MA, for 34 years, until he retired in 2015. Under Dick’s leadership, PA, whose mission is to advance active learning, has become one of the leading institutions in the experiential education field and is responsible for 500,000 new students per year being introduced to adventure-based education classes in physical education, health, fitness, counseling, and in academic classes with integrated experiential learning. Curricula development, training and consulting, publishing books and digital media, leadership development, and organizing and leading learning communities are among the core competencies Dick developed over his time at PA.

Dr. Jayne Knott, Vice Chair

Dr. Jayne Knott, Vice Chair

Dr. Jayne Knott is the founder and CEO of HydroPredictions, an environmental consulting firm specializing in groundwater hydrology, groundwater remediation, and climate-change adaptation. She has authored several scientific journal articles on climate change adaptation for coastal road infrastructure and on the impacts of climate change on water resources. Dr. Knott was a review editor for the 4th National Climate Assessment, and in addition to her role on TownGreen’s Board of Directors she sits on the Charles River Watershed’s Board of Advisors. She holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT.

Greg Federspiel, Treasurer

Greg Federspiel is the Town Administrator for the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea, a position he has held for 10 years. Previously, he was Town Administrator for Lenox, MA and the Town of Stowe, VT. Greg is a leader in sustainability and climate change resilience, specifically assisting the Town of Manchester with resiliency planning in light of sea level rise and climate change, developing performance measurements that include a cohort of sister communities. Greg plays a vital role on the steering committee for a Cape Ann based multi-year climate research project with the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Office for Urbanization. As lead grant writer for the project, the committee has secured $760,000 in local, state, and federal funding to address climate change impacts on Cape Ann. Greg is a graduate of Dartmouth College and holds a Masters of Science in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch University New England.

Tom Mikus, Director

Tom Mikus, Director

Tom Mikus is Head of Research for CO2 Global, focusing his work on making carbon-negative green hydrogen and permanently eliminating waste plastic. For 35 years, Tom worked for Shell Oil, serving on Shell's GameChanger team (funding for innovation) and founded and led the CO2 Capture Team at Shell, additionally serving as the Vice Chair of the CO2 Capture Project joint industry program. He was on the executive committee of the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Programme and an advisor to the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Conference. Tom’s 20 patents include flameless distributed combustion, high-efficiency heat and power with CO2 capture, and waste-plastic elimination. He currently serves on three Town of Rockport, MA committees: Planning Board as Vice Chair, Rights of Way as Vice Chair, and the Ad Hoc Water Committee. Tom is a Cape Ann Climate Coalition organizing committee member, a HeatSmart Alliance coach and volunteer, and serves on the state environmental committee for the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts. Tom earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (combustion and turbomachinery) from MIT.

Susan Hoague, Director

Susan Hoague is a founding member of the Cape Ann Climate Coalition. For 40 years, Susan was an educator and school psychologist, spending 15 years in Gloucester Public Schools. She focused on learning and emotional issues, how poverty impacts school achievement and emotional development, and how housing, domestic violence, and addiction hindered student and parental engagement. As part of her work with the Cape Ann Climate Coalition, Susan received two grants totaling $167,000 from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to design and implement programs targeting energy efficiency and decarbonization efforts for income eligible multi-family housing units.

TownGreen Advisory Council

Jonathan Golding, Co-Chair

Karen Bell, Co Chair

Toni Armstrong

Heather Atwood

Joann Avallon

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Janet Carlson

Sam Cleaves

Cammi Cooper

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