TownGreen2025 is a clearinghouse for information about climate change. We provide reliable resources not only for understanding the complexities of climate change, but also for taking personal action, here and now, to reduce one’s carbon footprint. We invite you to learn about our work and to get involved!

Annual sustainability fair

Our annual sustainability fairs are great way to promote sustainability initiatives within the community. Each year is a little different, but in general, we have terrific speakers, student projects, exhibits, and commercial vendors. Some of the key topics that are covered include solar energy, ways to be more energy efficient, the benefits of RRR (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and how to support carbon sequestration. Learn more about the 2018 Sustainability Fair.

Climate Change Curriculum

TownGreen2025 is developing an innovative Climate Change Curriculum with local teachers. With support of a consultant from the Woods Hole Research Center, we held two summer workshops for local teachers. The teachers learned about climate change and were able to incorporate climate change into existing science, social studies, or environmental studies classes. Learn more about our Climate Change Curriculum.

    Community and partners

    Many organizations and public agencies on Cape Ann are involved with addressing climate change. Feel free to reach out and get involved. Show your commitment to achieving a carbon neutral Cape Ann by 2025! If you would like to add a group to this list, please contact TownGreen2025.

    • Cape Ann Maritime Partnership (CAMP)CAMP is dedicated to the eradication of marine pollution. It holds a spring and summer marine debris eradication program in conjunction with Maritime Gloucester. For more information, contact Zach Thomas, at (804) 647-7551 or
    • Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team. This nonprofit organization is developing an interactive and educational nature study center called the Cape Ann Wildlife Center. For more information, contact Richard Roth, at (978) 559-9684or
    • Seaside Sustainability. A Gloucester-based nonprofit organization, its aim is to be a leader in environmental and STEM educational programs and initiatives. 
    • NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region.This federal agency oversees commercial and recreational fishing activities, as well as the protection of certain fish species. For more information, contactColleen Coogan, at (978) 281-9300 or
    • Change Is Simple. A nonprofit, this organization brings educational programs to schools to instill lifelong social and environmental responsibility. 
    • National Wildlife Federation/Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. Great Marsh Coastal Adaptation Plan (2017) identifies for six coastal communities vulnerabilities from climate change and outlines strategies to increase resiliency.

    Local Government Initiatives

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