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CACC collaborates with the Harvard Graduate School of Design

The future of Cape Ann will be shaped, in large part, by the effects of climate change and how we respond to its challenges. These effects will reach well beyond sea-level rise, ultimately affecting transportation, public services, housing, and the economic health of our communities.

Three local organizations, TownGreen2025, the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation, and the Cape Ann Climate Coalition, are joining to form a partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The Harvard school is renowned for its expertise in land- use planning, urban design, and architecture, and has already consulted on sea-level rise with other municipalities across the United States. This pending partnership offers us unparalleled research, professional experience, and access to worldwide information sharing that our four Cape Ann communities can use in mapping the future.

During a two-month planning period this summer, the local groups will work with the Harvard team to develop a scope of work for the entire project. Among likely areas to be addressed are water supply and waste treatment, transportation systems, green business opportunities, and a road map to a net zero carbon footprint for Cape Ann. The project will embrace all of Cape Ann (Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport) reflecting the reality that their geography and economies are deeply interconnected.

The cost of this initial phase, including expert analysis from the Graduate School of Design, will be $25,000. We hope you can support this goal in any way possible, and in doing so lend your name to help win broad support, as we then seek backing for the final study from larger donors and foundations. We estimate the final year-long study will cost between $100,000 and $200,000.

There will be a section of the next Coalition all member meeting on June 25 at 7:30-9:30 devoted to this study and what the plans are in more detail. If you are interested in learning more or in donation to help us raise the initial $25,000 by June 20, please contact Dick Prouty at

Posted by Dick Prouty

Dick Prouty

Dick Prouty was the Executive Director of Project Adventure(PA), an international non-profit based in Beverly, MA, for thirty four years, until he recently retired in the winter of 2015. Under Dick’s leadership, PA, whose mission is to advance active learning, has become one of the leading institutions in the experiential education field and is responsible for 500,000 new students per year being introduced to adventure based education classes in physical education, health, fitness, counseling, and in academic classes with integrated experiential learning. Curricula development, training and consulting, publishing books and digital media, leadership development, and organizing and leading learning communities are among the core competencies he has developed over his time at PA.

Dick and his wife, Doris, have lived in Lanesville, Gloucester for the last 43 years, and raised two children, Ila and Seth. He has come to deeply appreciate the special place that is Cape Ann. Along with Co-Chair Candace Wheeler, and a growing number of volunteers of TownGreen2025, Dick is now focused on developing a plan to have Gloucester and Cape Ann make a difference in addressing the threat of climate change.

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