Lower School Curriculum

Grade 1: Our Warming Planet and Its Impact on Wildlife

Unit Description: Young scientists will develop concepts related to the issues of temperature, climate, and the atmosphere. They will identify cause-and-effect relationships related to how an animal’s behavior, development, and habitat are being impacted by climate change. Young scientists will create a campaign to combat the negative effects climate change is having on wildlife.

Grade 4: Ocean Acidification: Seeking Local Solutions to a Global Challenge

Unit Description: Throughout this unit, students develop an understanding of global climate change and the ways in which it is impacting our. Beginning with the basics, students will examine Earth as an interconnected system and how interactions across spheres occur and help to maintain the delicate balance necessary to support life. Learners engage in experiments to develop a deeper understanding of various cycles and how those cycles are influenced by human activity. Finally, students will extend their newly acquired insights to the ocean, analyzing how the ocean is being impacted by changes brought about by humans in other spheres of the Earth [would it be useful to define “spheres” in this context, or will this be clear enough?]. The culminating activity requires learners to research solutions that address the root causes of ocean acidification.