Designing lessons for a range of student ability and interest within one class can be challenging and time consuming. Having preplanned and ready to use “choices" built into a lesson plan greatly increases a teacher’s ability to individualize instruction for students. Examples coming soon.

Local Climate Change And Sustainability Action Groups

Teachers might want to connect with local nonprofits who are working in some way on climate change issues. The organizations below may, in their own way, be able to provide supports such as becoming an advisory resource, providing experiential learning opportunities, or including students in one of their projects.

  • Gloucester Clean Energy Commission: is promoting clean energy options in Gloucester, including energy efficiency, conservation and the development of clean and renewable energy., Candace Wheeler, (978) 281-3566)
  • TownGreen2025: is working to lower the carbon footprint for Gloucester and Cape Ann by promoting clean energy and energy efficiency. Susan Hoague 978 283 2586,
  • NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office: Colleen Coogan (978) 281-9300
  • Cape Ann Maritime Partnership ( CAMP) is dedicated to the eradication of marine pollution, Their spring and summer marine debris eradication program is held in conjunction with Maritime Gloucester. Zach Thomas, 804-647-7551
  • Gloucester Clean City Commission: works with the Mayor, DPW, schools and other city departments in efforts to keep the city clean and beautiful. Ainsley F Smith,