Denny Dart, June 11, 2020

TownGreen2025 Climate Crisis Series, Denny Dart

Towngreen2025 Climate Crisis Solutions: Denny Dart

Lose That Carbon Weight

Twenty actions you can take right now Denny Dart 6/11/20

Calculate your carbon footprint. Choose a detailed calculator so you can see the opportunities for reduction. Here are some to try:

This EPA calculator includes cost savings: Here’s a simple and quick estimator for young people:

  1. Make the switch to local renewable electricity. Mass Audubon has partnered with Green Energy Consumers’ Alliance to help you switch to regional renewable power. electricity, Gloucester residents, we have Green Electricity Aggregation. More information here.
  2. Request a MassSave Audit. You can do this every two years.
  3. Consider solar panels. Revision Energy and other solar companies can do a remote assessment during this time of social distancing. If your roof is not suitable, look around — does a community center, a business, school or a congregation where you belong have a suitable roof?
  4. Test drive an electric car.
  5. Buy a battery-powered lawn mower.
  6. Want a search engine that plants trees when you search?
  7. Choose a bank that does not finance fossil fuel infrastructure
  8. Don’t forget your credit card.
  9. Choose a new insurance company. For more information: Asset Owners Disclosure Project, Unfriendcoal, Stop the money pipeline, Insure our Future
  10. suggests these companies: AXA, Aviva, The Hartford (AARP), Chubb, MAPFRE
  11. Reinvest your savings. For sustainable investment advice, see a listing of firms at Boston Basic (Building A Sustainable Investment Community)
  12. Choose a farmer’s market or Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) for local produce and fish.
  13. Shop second-hand for clothes, books, furniture.
  14. Instead of flying to distant places, rediscover beautiful New England!
  15. If you must fly, buy flight offsets. Jet Set Offset funds New England Wind Fund
  16. Get an estimate for electric heat pumps to heat and cool your home.
  17. Try a new vegetarian or vegan recipe.
  18. Offset your remaining carbon emissions with donations:
    1. Educate a girl.
    2. Family planning.
    3. Conservation of forests and wetlands.
    4. See for many more ideas.
  19. Use your customer power.
  20. Join an environmental group and get active. Stop the Money Pipeline,, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Mothers Out Front, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club . . .

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