Quarterly Meeting

Cape Ann Climate Coalition’s Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday, June 29, 7–9pm

Cape Ann Climate Coalition

Our quarterly meeting of all members of the Cape Ann Climate Coalition will be held on a Tuesday, June 29 at 7:00 p.m.

The agenda will include:

  • The Monarch Butterfly and Climate Change presentation by Kim Smith. There is no more urgently needed time than the present to learn about how we can all help protect the Monarch Butterfly.
  • Electrifying Everything! a presentation by Jennifer Wallace Brodeur of VEIC. Explore what this means for local city and town governments and us individually.
  • Workgroup Break Out Session 

Register below to receive an invitation to the Zoom-based meeting.

Please mark your calendars! And, please invite a friend to attend so we can grow our coalition.

RSVP For June 29th Event

RSVP for the June 29th Zoom-based Cape Ann Climate Coalition’s quarterly meeting by filling out this form. You will receive confirmation via email.

Here are some of the questions webinar attendees have submitted so far.

I am looking for opportunities to utilize compost to its highest and best use for drawing down carbon. I think using it to promote growth of suburban lawns and suburban trees is low hanging fruit. I am looking to tilt my business' product and service offerings towards these uses.


I have a large planting of milkweed in our meadow, but haven’t seen any monarchs until September when the asters are in bloom. Why aren’t the monarchs finding this patch & laying eggs here in the summer?


I notice that the milkweed in my yard blooms earlier (now for the last week or so) than others I see later in the season. So is there another species for later bloom that I need to acquire? I have observed few Monarch Butterflies in my yard in the past, even though I have milkweed. Even though they have flown around it none have ever laid eggs on the milkweed. Why do you think that is and what else can I do to attract them? Besides the stand of milkweed among unmown grassy area in my front yard (which gets full sun).

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