TownGreen|2025 Supports Mass Save

Gloucester Green and TownGreen|2025 Announce a Program to:

  • • Save homeowners and renters money, and get FREE energy savings advice and equipment.
  • • Reduce the fossil fuel use of homeowner and lower Carbon Footprint of the City.
  • • Give Gloucester a grant of $41,000 from Mass Save, if 1,400 home assessments are completed.

It’s Simple: If you pay an electric bill to National Grid, just do the Following:

  1. Call Mass Save and schedule an appointment. An independent home energy assessor from a company called CLEAResult will come to your home to complete the assessment. This takes about one hour, longer for large homes or those with significant issues. Mass Save @ 866-527-SAVE
  2. The home energy assessor from CLEAResults is an advisor, NOT a sales person.
  3. If you want, he or she will replace all lightbulbs in your house with energy saving LED lights, install water saving devices, and give you an energy saving power strip and thermostat for FREE.
  4. The home energy assessor will let you know if you qualify for a FREE attic air sealing. Most homes do. Sealing the crevices in your attic with foam insulation is one of the single best energy saving improvement any homeowner can make. And it is FREE!
  5. The home energy assessor will explain about other cost saving improvements you might need and provide a written report. This report will help you make decisions if and how to proceed in making your home more energy efficient.
  6. Other Mass Save rebates and cost saving deals will be explained. For example, Mass Save will pay 75% of up to $2,000 spent on added insulation and 75 percent of duct insulation up to $1,000. Today even relatively new homes can benefit from more insulation.
  7. If you want to participate in Mass Save’s cost saving deals, you need to select a vetted contractor from a list provided by Mass Save. All costs are SET by Mass Save. You pay Mass Save/CLEAResults. Contractors cannot increase the bill.

Several Gloucester home energy contractors have been vetted by Mass Save and have been recommended by several TownGreen|2025 members who have had this work completed. But you can pick any contractor from the list provided by Mass Save. The two local contractors are:

Energy Savers Home Performance

(978) 309-SAVE (7283)

Cape Energy Solutions

(978) 423-5727

Help Gloucester Green reach our goal. Call Mass Save at 866-527-SAVE

It means energy savings for you and the possibility of a $41,000 grant for Gloucester!

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