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Sustainabilty Fair, 2017!

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TownGreen 2025 is working to create a carbon footprint for Gloucester and Cape Ann that is as low as possible by 2025.

We are hosting the Cape Ann Sustainability Fair "Get Your Green On" for the families and residents of Cape Ann.

Learn how to lower your own carbon foot print as you listen to great music, eat tasty local food, and learn from some of the greatest minds on climate change at our speaker's series.

The fair will take place on April 29, 2017 at the O’Maley Innovation Middle School in Gloucester, MA.

The purpose of the fair is to kick off an effort to get families and residents to work together to lower their personal, residential carbon footprint. We are working in conjunction with the City’s efforts to do the same.

A focus of the fair will be on weatherization programs – signing people up for audits and supporting them with follow through; electric vehicles, dispelling myths and fears about owning one; and other efforts.

Specifically there will be five stations which will emphasize different aspects of working toward lowering one’s carbon footprint. Stations include, home energy efficiency, electric vehicles, renewable energy, reduce/reuse, and carbon sequestration. Each section will include an interactive learning experience.

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