Supports Mass Solar Connect

Mass Clean Energy Center sponsors Mass Solar Connect and has chosen Mass Energy and EnergySage to promote this program to ALL Massachusetts homeowners.

Using EnergySage (the “” of solar shopping) takes a lot of the hassle out of the process of going solar. You enter your home’s information and within a day or two, you start getting quotes from vendors vetted for this program.  You control how the vendor’s quotes get to you.You do not have to have any sales calls from them until you are ready to discuss specifics.  You can get tons of information with no sales pressure!

TownGreen2025 believes that this campaign has the potential to help households get through the process of choosing good solar systems for their homes with the with the best price and vetted solar vendors.

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Questions to ask a potential solar installer

What are the prices?

Price is important but other factors matter too.

What are the company’s warranties?

Look for at least 10 year workmanship, parts, and production warranties.

How many installations in MA does the company have?

You want to make sure the company has experience working with a broad range of homes and installation types.

What is the solar system installation timeline?

A good company should be able to have a system fully installed, interconnected and turned on within 60 calendar days.

What financing options does the company offer and do they participate in the MA Solar Loan Program?

It’s a huge red flag if the company doesn’t have straightforward financing options and/or doesn’t participate in the MA Solar Loan program. These should be fully explained, and support given for applying if necessary.

Does the company have a SREC management plan or does the customer find his/her own broker?

Some companies will manage the SRECs for you (like Direct Energy Solar) some don’t. Buyers need to understand that managing SRECs may be their responsibility.

(Most of the vendors on Mass Solar Connect are small companies which probably will not manage them for you.)

Have you done other installations locally?

Ask the company for local references.

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