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On November 7th 2015, we hosted the Clean Energy & Sustainability Fair in Gloucester. Locally and internationally-renounced speakers discussed practical steps on how to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Advocates at the state, national and international level spoke about how you can contribute your voice to creating effective climate policy. Below are the videos of those talks.
Solar CHallenge

Join the Gloucester Solar Challenge

The goal is simple. Let's switch from electricity generated by oil and gas to clean green electricity generated from solar panels. The Gloucester Solar Challenge will help local residences and businesses to evaluate, finance and install on Cape Ann homes and businesses.

Gloucester Solar Challenge, sponsored by TownGreen2025 a local non-profit, is using volunteers for community outreach and group purchasing power to help reduce installation costs. This program is expected to offer significant savings over current market prices. After an extensive process, we have selected Direct Energy Solar as the installer partner for the Challenge.

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