Climate Crisis Action Group of Cape Ann

Communication, Spirituality & Personal Action


To evoke an emotional response to the climate crisis  though the power of the arts.

Proposed Key Action

 To create a Climate Festival of the Arts

  1. Last Saturday of November 2020, to coincide with Fair Saturday2020.Fair Saturday is a global movement happening on the last Saturday in November - the Saturday after Black Friday when artists and cultural organizations get together to support a social cause of their choice.
  2. OR Spring 2021. We are open to exploring all possibilities.

Working ideas

  1. Visual Arts: Public art installations on climate crisis. Example: Konstantin Dimopoulus works with communities to create Blue Trees to illustrate and protest de-forestation. This suggestion could tie in with Group 3’s Action plans for Carbon Sequestration. Also opportunity to have exhibitions at galleries and art activities at Art Haven, and other locations.
  2. Theater: Chantal Bilodeau and ”Artists and Climate Change” are potential participants
  3. Music: Potential performances include events like  “World Music Against Climate Change” which took place in Boston on December 7 AND Leslie Steinweiss’ composition: “An Elegy for an Ailing Planet.” ALSO opportunity to engage YOUNG musicians.
  4. Dance: Explore possibilities with Sarah Slifer Swift of MAGMA
  5. Culinary Arts: Explore chefs/restaurants/food trucks with emphasis on sustainability.
  6. Literature/Poetry: Link with Gloucester Writers Center


Susan Quateman: OC member for Climate Crisis Action Meetings

Rebecca Reynolds: Manship Artists Residency + Studios

Anne Deneen: Pastor St. Paul’s

Patty Rosenblatt: Lanesville Artist

WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE MEMBERS! Use the contact form below!

Explore Potential Partners

  • Manship Artists Residency + Studios (MARS)
  • Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation
  • Gloucester Stage Company
  • Rocky Neck Cultural Center
  • What Time Is It Mr Fox?
  • Backyard Growers
  • Gloucester Writers Center
  • Art Haven
  • Local Galleries + North Shore Arts Association
  • Sawyer Free Public Library
  • The City + Local Businesses

Get involved

In the wake of the Cape Ann Climate Crisis Action Meeting, the OC planned a fellow up meeting.  The follow up meeting took place in the vestry at  the Gloucester UU Church. As a result of this October 23rd, 2019 follow up meeting, there are now 6 Working Groups of individuals and the representatives of various organizations from around Cape Ann focused on setting goals and taking action on:

  • Renewables
  • Efficiency
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Vision/Policy/Legislation
  • Communication/Spirituality/Personal Action
  • Community Building/Education